About Us

About Us

Instro Services is a leading instrumentation and electrical contracting company, proudly servicing the Sydney region and throughout New South Wales. Our highly trained specialist technicians can assist you with your instrumentation or electrical contracting needs.

After many years of working on some of the largest projects in Australian history, Instro Services was established to combine the best technicians from across Australia and abroad to service the needs of our customers. All of our technicians have specialised training and experience that sets us apart. Instro Services technicians fully comply with all OH&S requirements.

A commitment to Instro Services will give you peace of mind that all your electrical and instrumentation requirements are being met with the highest standards.

A one-stop electrical and instrumentation service provider

Instro Services is a professional electrical and instrumentation company that prides itself on the quality of the work produced. Our goal is to help our customers maintain maximum operational capacity by having safe and reliable assets. We work with our customers to equip them with the procedures and strategies required to ensure continuous production.

We have the capabilities to ensure your projects are delivered on time, on budget and safely. It is our commitment to our employees and customers that we only utilise the safest work practices available. We honestly believe that all work can be completed safely without harm to plant, environment and people.

Our team of highly trained specialists are all fully certified in the electrical and instrumentation trade and their work practices are fully compliant with all OH&S requirements. We have developed a reputation across New South Wales as the contractor of choice for industrial applications.

Highly responsive when you need us

We have set up processes that allow us to respond immediately and strategically to any plant equipment failures and to help return production back to capacity as soon as possible. We understand the urgency to get your plant and equipment operational with reduced down time.


Our systems have a proven track record of increasing reliability and availability of critical equipment. Through the development of maintenance strategies and operational procedures we can give you peace of mind that your plant and equipment will continue to operate when required. It is paramount in todays market that your machinery is operating as safe, efficient and reliable as it possibly can.


Whilst not intended to be an exhaustive list, the following are some of the services we supply which have been broadly categorised into primarily instrumentation focused, or electrical in nature. We are a highly customer focused company and we welcome any general enquiry regarding your current or future needs:


  • Instrumentation design and selection
  • Instrumentation calibration and maintenance
  • Process control automation
  • Shutdown support
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Instrument tube fitting
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Flow meter verification & surveys
  • Flow transmitters - sizing, selection and calibration
  • Pneumatic instrument overhauls
  • EEHA inspections
  • Critical function testing
  • Offsite workshop services and maintenance
  • Technical specifications documentation
  • Plant commissioning
  • Labour hire


  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Electrical control design & selection
  • Switchboard upgrades & maintenance
  • VSD Installation and maintenance
  • Breakdown and fault electrical fault diagnosis
  • Lighting upgrades
  • EEHA installation & inspection
  • Critical function testing
  • Auditing & mandatory testing

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